What We

Brand Marketing

Strategic planning

Digital Transformation

Technology is (and sometimes isn’t) the answer to change. Some businesses are merely investing in all of these new technologies without understanding the culture, the nuances, and the relationship that the user has within those communities or how they use those devices and frameworks.

The Digital Ecosystem

These companies don’t necessarily think about changing their work ecosystem to adapt to new technologies but instead try to just include new technologies within their existing framework. This just won’t work.

Eyetoeye Can Help

We help businesses confront this evolution and enable their clients to embrace and develop these digital technologies and frameworks to fit with their business plan, goals and achieve their KPI’s, producing a defined return on investment.

Digital Experience

Digital Production

Digital Insight

We start each relationship with an “Insight Audit” a process we call “Finding True” – establishing how and where in the market the client’s brand is perceived by its customers.

This listening leads to what we call digital insight. The initial qualitative and quantitive digital insight research informs the right strategy developed in partnership with the client to deliver on their defined goals, producing impactful return on investment.

Digital Solutions

Our digital team offers a range of disciplines, from Data Insights, SEO / PPC, Website / Microsite / Landing Page build, App Development, Advertising Creative, Social Media Strategy & Implementation.

Social Media Solutions

Our team is highly experienced in delivering a solid ROI for our clients which includes:

Monitoring (what’s being mentioned on social platforms), Crisis management (fast response). Creative Solutions, Content Marketing (Blog articles, etc), Brand / Product awareness (driving website traffic), Social Amplification including events with our “Always On” team.